Philly Song of the Week “Summer Vibes” by Zeek Burse

Zeek Burse is undeniably talented, from his vocal range to the production value of his songs. There is no artist with more mainstream star potential in Philadelphia than Zeek Burse. His music is genre-bending and unique, yet commercially viable.

“Summer Vibes” is a great song to pair with the blooming Spring weather. Would it have been smarter to pick this as song of the week in June or July? Of course. However, I wanted to give Zeek his roses before he blows up this Summer.

Burse’s music is bursting with heart. He works hard at his craft and it absolutely shows. I bet my lunch money that Zeek Burse is performing on Jimmy Kimmel or Colbert in less than 18 months.

If you have suggestions for the Philly Plain Dealer song of the week, tweet at @PlainPhilly.

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