D-Rey’s Reviews: OCF Coffee

Ard, welcome… this column is going to be different every week because I’m sick of being typecast. Like most people in Philly, I find myself in some of the most random conversations, places, and situations. The beauty of being curious is that I always have a story to tell. With that being said, the only things I can promise are:

  • Good perspective
  • Some mention of food or drink
  • An assessment of food or drink
  • Complete and utter honesty

OCF Coffee on Fairmount sits directly across from Eastern State Penitentiary. The coffee is some mid, but some great conversation with my friend Jasmine made up for it. Jasmine, like me, has a love for film, esoteric conversation and saying shit to people that’ll hit them later like old Lil Wayne lyrics. We bounced around topics and inevitably ended up talking about what life is going to be like post-pandemic. We both agreed that the world’s going to be a better place, we even celebrated the fact that so many people have ‘woken up’ spiritually and seem more connected. Then, I leaned in and shared a theory that made her question what I was smoking and where could she get some.

“Ok so we’ve had computers for how long?” I asked quietly as if I was saying ‘bomb’ in LAX. “For a while now,” she replied while side eyeing tf out of me. “Ok, and we really couldn’t get the most out of them until what? The internet. Ok…stick with me here, the internet is this thing that holds the bulk of the useful information and we’ve always made things based off something in or around us. Like we had to be inspired by something, right? Ok…so what if, there’s a central conscious amongst people and we’re all like a bunch of phones and what has happened[essentially] is more people have figured out how to turn the fucking wifi on.” She just sat, as I rambled. “Think about it, how can two people have the same idea that have never spoken? What draws people who have so much in common to one another? Why do we all know that cash rules everything around us? What do people mean when they say they ‘feel it in the air?’”

In conclusion, OCF Coffee is good for the aesthetic and people watching, Jasmine is a dope friend for not getting me 5150’d, and quantum physics ain’t got shit on me.

Stay Tuned for more few reviews, friend reverence and random reads. This column was written by Darryl Reynolds, producer for the Stay Tuned Network and 2016 NCAA Champion with Villanova.

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