Deal of the Week: The Sun

“Deal of the Week” is an updated take on the horoscope column. One card, bad advice, worse poetry, every Monday.

Decks pictured (left to right): Visconti-Sforza, Thoth, Rider-Waite

The Sun

Dance in a sunbeam. Buy yourself flowers, or better yet plant them for the neighborhood. Check in on your community fridge; it likely needs restocking. Peek over the walls meant to keep you out and bring the weary and oppressed inside. Take inventory of all that is perfect. Write your manifesto; no one will write it for you. Invert colors. Call your mother. Roll down a hill with your beloved. Reclaim scarcity and look your ancestors in the face. Don’t just look up at the stars; look out. They surround you. They’re not falling. Utopia is where you left it. Click your heels three times or some shit.

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