Philly Song of the Week: Uma Thurman by Emyne

Philadelphia’s Song of the Week.

Emyne is a young artist and musician based out of Philadelphia. She initially came onto my radar when she performed at a Black Lives Matter protest on June 16, 2020 on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Emyne rapping on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps. 6/12/2020

As an artist Emyne has the range to rap over light melodies, but in Uma Thurman she raps more like Meg the Stallion. Uma Thurman is a banger in every sense. The lyrics flow, the beat knocks, and the production value is high. This song should be on Philly radio.

The song was produced by: B0y and the music video was shot by: lotus flwr. & focusedMAYHEM. Try to see how much of Philadelphia you recognize in the music video.

Uma Thurman by Emyne

Emyne is just the first of many talented Philadelphia artists that the Philadelphia Plain Dealer would like to highlight. If you have a favorite song by a Philadelphia artist, submit it by tweeting to @PlainPhilly.

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