URGENT: White supremacist insurrectionists are planning an armed march on 1/17.

Anti-fascists (Antifa) have identified a continued threat from violent white supremacists and fascists organizing armed assaults on Capitol Hill and all State Capitol buildings in the coming days. Additional assaults on the Capitol in DC have been planned for January 20th with the hashtag MillionMilitiaMarch and MMM. Organizations like the FBI and Capitol Hill Police who said they “didn’t know” that an armed group of white supremacists and fascists was going to invade the Capitol building Wednesday should now be aware of the continued threat these groups and their hangers on present. These insurrectionists are planning their assaults even as we publish this information.

While the planning for these armed assaults has been going on for months in the public on internet forums like Gun & Game’s Political Forum and known white nationalist organizing group StormFront’s forum, the recent events at the National Capitol have not seemed to stem or change the determined hate groups plans. The Gun & Game Political forum has over 10,000 posts and over 400,000 views.

We will continue to update this post and our other social media as we get more information.

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