Philly Song of the Week: “Big Dipper” by Kississippi

When I first heard the 2015 EP We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed by indie-pop artist Kississippi, I felt like I was listening to secrets. Earlier releases from this solo project of Zoë Allaire Reynolds contain lyrics that share an intimacy with the listener over pitter patters of guitar strums and hums.The songs sound like words first spewed to a new lover or an Uber driver, leaving you face-to-face with the potential risks from the vulnerability of such admissions.

Philly Song of The Week and latest single from Kississippi titled “Big Dipper” conveys the disclosure sentiment that is so prevalent in Allaire Reynolds music but now with a ‘Fuck the Risks’ attitude. It seems like this single is sonically where Allaire Reynolds is most comfortable in its uptick in pop vibes and boomier production. There’s an air of confidence and groundedness in the lyrics and how they’re sung: “So I’ll just let you be. I still miss you only when I’m lonely.” Any sense of hesitancy is gone; now, she said what she said

The release of “Big Dipper” follows the release of single “Around Your Room”, an absolute 1980’s blast track and another perfectly fit song for Allaire Reynolds. Kississippi’s new album Mood Ring is slated to be released August 6 via Triple Crown Records. I’m anticipating this album will have me, indeed, dancing around my room, and slamming the door of an Uber without turning back.

If you have a submission for the Philly Song of the Week, send a tweet to @PlainPhilly.

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