GRIFTERS – Playing the plebes…

Talcum X • PPD Puppet • Making money – Coffee Break Chat • 05/19

Every Wednesday morning Light Thief Productions has a live-stream arts & current events show, Coffee Break Chat. Hosted by Light Thief executive producer James Jackson, we talk about the arts and current events from the perspective of the Black Philadelphia community

Today we talk about funding arts & culture in Philadelphia… Chicago announced Arts 77, a $60 million public investment in artists, neighborhood arts programs and public art. New York committed $25 million to City Artist Corps, which will fund artists, musicians, and other performers to create works across the city, whether through public art, performances, pop-up shows, murals or other community arts projects. Oregon invested $50 million of CARES funding in arts and culture. Omaha Nebraska – $10 million. Why is Philadelphia discussing only $2 million in direct spending through the Philadelphia Cultural Fund?

We also talk about the Philadelphia District Attorney’s race… incumbent DA Krasner’s win and some of the hanger’s on and grifters this high profile race brought in to the city.

Drop by Light Thief Productions’ YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter every Wednesday Morning at 10am to watch live, or follow here on Philly Plain Dealer to see the replay.

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