Philly Needs Legal Weed.

As soon as Trump lost the election, New Jersey legalized recreational weed. Earlier this month, for reasons that are still up for debate, New York did the same. DC has been on the weed wave for years, New England has been all-in and Delaware… well no one looks over there anyway. 

The point is, up and down the East Coast weed has been legalized but PA is still holding out. Why? Politics as usual. But honestly, Philly needs it.

Over the past few years, Philly has taken on a new identity. It’s gone from the city of Brotherly Love (I wonder if I’m the only person that hates that) to the City of Gems. Truthfully, Philly has been one big hole in the wall because of its proximity to NYC and Washington DC. With more people/money coming in, the gems of the city like our great restaurants, architecture and creative scene are being uncovered one by one. 

Photo by Ben Villano

Unfortunately forging a City of Gems has its downsides. For Philly it’s the 150+ homicides that have already taken place since January 1st.

This is a 33% increase from the same time last year. The sad part is, I’m not surprised. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen the tale of two cities becoming more and more stark since 2015. For every condo that’s appeared out of thin air, a housing complex has vanished. For every brewery that’s opened its doors, an establishment that’s been around for decades had to close. Bottom line – as the new rolls in and the old gets rolled out, the city has become one big, tense melting pot. I think things are going to be rugged for a while, but I also believe there’s a woman that can help ease some of this tension. 

That’s right bitches I’m talking about Miss Mary Jane.

I’m not saying it’s gonna solve all the world’s problems, but tell me the last time you’ve seen two mfs fighting high off weed? 

Photo by Ben Villano

Apart from the obvious benefits it would bring in the fight against opioids, providing another outlet for people would undoubtedly de-escalate some violence. With outside dining being at an all time high, legal marijuana sales would boost the local food economy which makes up more than 20% of our economy as a city. Tax the legal weed and use the funds for education and housing. Save taxpayer money by releasing people charged with weed crimes from prison.

What could signal that times have changed more than every park smelling like dank.

Through all the benefits, the biggest would be less petty charges for a plant that’s a joint length away from being legal nationwide. Philadelphia and Pennsylvania should legalize before it’s legalized at the national level to show that we are a modern city.

There’s no downside (for the public) of weed being legalized in this forward-thinking City. Summer 2021 has the potential to be one of the most exciting in a while, for better or for worse, the separating factor just might be some flower.

Written by Darryl Reynolds

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