Song of the Week: “Zombies in the Forest” by Carter Fox

Instrumental music knocks sometimes. Zombies in the Forest by Carter Fox is a great song to drive to when you first wake up, it pairs well with a crisp sunny day.

If I’m being honest, I don’t even know what I’m listening to in this song – I just like it. There’s a delightful drum beat that kicks in about :30 seconds into the song, but otherwise I can just barely make out what the other instruments used are; subtle guitar and a synth maybe?

Carter Fox’s sound is similar to popular beat maker emune, they produce airy yet full beats. To Fox’s credit – his instrumentals do not leave room for vocals, whereas some instrumental music is begging for a vocalist.

Relax and listen to this track to start your weekend! Support local artists and musicians, if you have a suggestion for the Philly Song of the Week, tweet at @PlainPhilly.

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