Meet “Freddy the Flame” PA’s Natural Gas Mascot!

If you have a June or July birthday, there’s still time to book “Freddy the Flame” for your birthday party! Freddy the Flame is the mascot for Peoples Gas, the largest natural gas distribution company in Pennsylvania. 

Freddy the Flame is “available to attend public and educational events,” but only if given 60 days of lead time; because according to Peoples Gas “there is only one Freddy!” 

If you love climate change, you’re gonna love this guy!

On the same webpage as Freddy the Flame is a Contributions Request form for any “organizations” that would like funding from the largest natural gas distribution company in Pennsylvania. The gas company says that it “is committed to making lives better in the region” and that “priority is given to activities which support Direct Human Services; Economic Development; and the Environment.” We all know how much gas companies care about the environment!

This seemed like a fun story to cover as the NRA’s mascot “Eddie the Eagle” was slated to teach a children’s program on gun safety in Philadelphia.  

A fun fact about Peoples Gas is that their General Counsel is a former ten-term member of the PA House of Representatives and the former Speaker of the House Mike Turzai!

Turzai took the position mere weeks after his resignation from public office, and just three months after a multi-billion dollar purchase of the company.

Peoples Gas is owned by Essential, which is “one of the largest publicly traded water, wastewater and natural gas providers in the U.S., serving approximately 5 million people across 10 states under the Aqua and Peoples brands.” Working on the Marcellus Shale Formation is this company’s first soiree into natural gas, I’m sure nothing will go wrong in the greater Pennsylvania area! 

Enjoy Freddy the Flame! Freddy shows the fun side of privatized water, gas, and natural resources!

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