The National Guard is Coming Back to Town.

Today the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office announced that the National Guard is set to be deployed to Philadelphia ahead of the Derek Chauvin verdict.

A press release reads: “Governor Tom Wolf today signed a proclamation of disaster emergency activating more than 1,000 Pennsylvania National Guard (PANG) state active-duty members to support local officials in Philadelphia. The action was taken at the request of the City of Philadelphia.”

You may be asking yourself, what disaster? Good question!

picture by Jason N. Peters – June 2020

The press release reads “At this time, there are no credible threats in the commonwealth.”

This is an entirely preemptive measure. No verdict has been met, yet with “no credible threats,” Philadelphia leadership still feels that alone they are too incompetent to handle whatever hypothetical situation may occur.

This will be the third time that the military has been deployed in Philadelphia since 2020. Mayor Jim Kenney, an alleged progressive, admitted that mistakes were made in response to last summer’s protests, so he decided to prematurely call in the military. Those mistakes include human right violations condemned by the UN Human Rights Council.

With progressives like this, who needs conservatives! If automatic weapons, military vehicles, and loud helicopters in your hometown wasn’t already normalized, get ready for another round. We’ll see what the Chauvin trial has in store, as well as what the National Guard does this time around.

video by Jason Peters June 2020

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