Deal of the Week: Three Cards

“Deal of the Week” is an updated take on the horoscope column. Bad advice, worse poetry, every Monday.

Eight of Wands | Nine of Pentacles | The Tower

Once again, I drew another card that I drew two weeks ago: Eight of Wands. This week, I felt a three-card spread was warranted.

Eight of Wands | Nine of Pentacles | The Tower

You are grounded in richness, bound with love all around. You fly into life with all the grace of heaven and all God’s fire. You are bound and bound and bound in every blessing until a world is built that swirls and swirls around you, ideas floating like stars like visions like stars like nightmares like rapture like dreams and they are floating you are floating gently you are descending flying gently floating flying or falling? Fuck you’re falling falling floating hovering no falling but where are those flying dreams to save the falling flying? falling falling fall

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