Song of the Week: Hunnit Bands by ShaneZ

Here is a feel good song to take into the weekend; Hunnit Bands by ShaneZ.

Hunnit Bands sounds like a modern version of the 2007 Young Joc classic “Coffee Shop.” It’s a fun song with a catchy chorus, perfect to listen to with the windows down on drive to the Jersey shore.

ShaneZ brings heavy “college party” energy, reminiscent of rappers like Webby or Sammy Adams; but within the modern mold of trap beat influences. Rapping out of West Chester and Northeast Philly, ShaneZ has been publishing music on Spotify since 2017. It’ll be interesting to see what the next few years look like for the young artist.

For the older readers that may be confused about what “Hunnit Bands” means, allow me to explain. ShaneZ says “I woke up this morning feeling like a hunnit bands,” which is a metaphor of sorts to convey that he feels good. What is “a hunnit bands?” Hunnit is slang for hundred. To have “a hundred bands” means “to have a lot of money.” A band refers to the “band” holding a stack of money together. Overall, to “wake up feeling like a hunnit bands,” means to “wake up feeling good.”

If you have any request for the Philly Song of the Week, tweet at @PlainPhilly – please support Philly artists.

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