Congrats Philly! You Were Right About Ben & Carson!

Ben Simmons and Carson Wentz have been seared into the minds of Philly sports fans like a toxic ex. Over the last year or so, I’ve been tuning into Nets games while betting the under on whatever Ben Simmons’ points line was and rooting for defensive lines throughout the NFL to fold Carson Wentz in half. But now, I’ve been proven right and it’s time to move on.

They weren’t shit and we’re better off without them. 

Since Ben Simmons left the Sixers, the team has been admittedly flat and less exciting – but sometimes excitement isn’t exactly what we need (and this is mostly Doc Rivers fault). James Harden may not be 6 foot 10, but he’s been plenty efficient and has brought less drama to the team. Ever since Ben found a new partner in New York, all he’s done is have the same problems and refuse to improve himself.

Simmons hasn’t played in an NBA game since February 15th, and hasn’t scored more than 10 points since January 25th. Brett Brown, Jacque Vaughn, Steve Nash, and Doc Rivers couldn’t figure out what to do with Ben Simmons. James Harden, Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving couldn’t figure out how to play with Ben Simmons. Now Nets coach Jacque Vaughn is managing rumors around whether or not Simmons will ever play again. 

For years, Sixers fans begged Ben Simmons to learn how to shoot. We asked our man to fix the one thing that would make him better, not out of selfishness, but for both of us. He refused and now we’ve watched him drive away his loved ones and ruin his newest relationship. We were labeled as mean, we were labeled as crazy, but in the end we were proven right about our toxic partner.

On the football side of things, Carson Wentz showed us early into our relationship how good he could be. He opened doors for us, he did charity work, and he made Pro-Bowls; but his toxic jealousy overwhelmed him when our ex Nick Foles came back to town and did more than Carson ever could. Once Nick Foles left Philly, Carson never recovered. Wentz’s attitude was so bad that we drafted a younger, cooler Quarterback in Jalen Hurts which only fueled Carson’s insecurities and drove him out of town. 

For years we heard Hurts and Wentz debates, for years we were told that Carson Wentz was not only an NFL starting Quarterback, but a good one at that. Now at the start of 2023, Carson Wentz is a free agent and people are discussing whether or not he’s a backup or starter. Wentz was cut from Indianapolis and Washington, two football teams without a single top 50 Quarterback on their roster. 

Both Wentz and Simmons – had every opportunity to listen to Philadelphia and make the necessary adjustments to make the relationship work. However, neither listened and they continued to bring their toxic traits to their new relationships. Now we watch our ex’s fail as we move on. They ask us where we’re moving, I say onto better things.

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