New Generation TV(NGTV): A Black-Owned Philly Media Company

In July 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, CEO Vicky Poulin pioneered the idea to curate a platform where individuals with an interest in videography could come together and broadcast their ideas. Thus New Generation TV was born. 

Prior to creating NGTV, Vicky was working with a small group of individuals at another small entity creating videos and working with local Philly artists and making their visions come alive within film production. 

It’s crazy how far we have come and that we’re this widespread now, having offices in places like Atlanta and Phoenix. We usually all connect over zoom meetings if there’s big news we need to discuss, but generally we have good communication about operations even though we’re not in the same office, it helps the company run smoothly,” she said.

New Generation TV partners with broadcasters and companies as well, most notably Roku, Apple TV, Google Play and Amazon TV, having their own channel on the major platforms. 

NGTV started out as a production company but Vicky had always wanted it to be more than that. In the beginning the company had been in a recording studio, during this time Vicky  had gotten a call from her cousin who is very well connected amongst various networks. Her cousin had asked if she wanted the opportunity to have her own tv channel and LLC. 

My cousin is the ultimate business woman, she made this possible. I didn’t want NGTV to be just another YouTube channel or something that’s generic.

New Generation TV produces content such as music videos, short movies and skits, podcasts, and covers current news in today’s climate and a surplus of more content under this umbrella. 

Starting in the pandemic, Vicky had feared that people wouldn’t have wanted to work due to safety reasons, but seeing as how the film and production work was outdoors or in settings where everyone was already six feet apart, everything worked out, along with the fact that people were hungry for work. 

I would say the pressure on me as the CEO is just really trying to make sure everyone is happy, which is not easy to do. I want everyone to be happy with their jobs so we can keep this money and mission rolling.”

As the New Generation team gets bigger not just in Philadelphia, but nationwide, Vicky looks to be more innovative and inclusive of the various communities in which the broadcasting network is located, along with giving young creatives an opportunity to showcase their passion and skills within this corridor in television. 

Vicky aims to give back to the community in several ways going forward, one of the major ways is by starting with the youth. Currently in Philly, NGTV is offering free classes and training in video production, writing and content creation for younger students like middle schoolers, (not advertised on their website yet). For students a little older in high school and college, NGTV is offering paid internships in assisting with content creation, production and writing.

She wants to provide this opportunity to all, which is the way it should be. 

A message from Vicky Poulin:

To all my content creators, come home.The only thing we don’t accept is pornography and hate, we don’t do that. Besides those two things, if you’re interested in learning more and being a part of this creation please tap in!” 

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