Please Don’t Throw Things At Ben Simmons.

Although the title of this article may seem sarcastic, it is 100% sincere. When Ben Simmons returns to the Wells Fargo Center tonight, please do not throw things at him. Be more creative with your frustration and do not make the city look stupid.

You can chant “Fuck Ben Simmons.” You can boo throughout the entire game regardless of what is happening on the court. You can even wear a shirt with a picture of yourself throwing things at Ben Simmons! 

There is nothing objectively wrong with throwing trash at someone who has wronged you, however it will make Philadelphia look horrendous if the game is delayed because Tony from Delco launched a half-filled Bud Light seltzer from row 15 that landed on the court. Believe me, I want the boo’s to be deafening. I’ll be at a bar booing and throwing garbage, because I’m not going to be on television.

If you catch Ben Simmons out in public, do whatever you want, get arrested off camera. But in an NBA arena when the cameras are rolling and the world is watching – please don’t throw anything. 

It almost feels inevitable that someone will throw something at Ben Simmons, and the problem with that is – Philadelphians have a Pavlovian-like response that is triggered by throwing cans and empty beers. 

Just a few years ago I recall launching beer cans at Eagles fans who were attempting to climb a giant dome structure during the Super Bowl parade. As soon as the hoard saw a man climbing, the trash started flying. The same thing happens at Made In America each year when fans climb poles! If one person throws one can, it will trigger a domino effect of garbage being tossed. 

My friend Jimmy has 100-level tickets to the game tonight. Jimmy – please do not throw anything at Ben Simmons. I understand the temptation, we all feel it – but it will set back the city twenty years if Benny the Baby is struck by an empty Dasani bottle.

In the words of Britney Spears “scream and shout and let it all out,” but please don’t throw garbage at Ben Simmons.

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