“Fishtown” to Miami Mansions – Meet Indie Artist: TENDAYS

Tendai Joseph Chafa-Govha, also known as “TENDAYS,” is a Miami native living in Philly and an upcoming underground artist with a unique sound that leaves you curious as to what else he has in store. 

Since 2016, TENDAYS has been making music that transcends between trappy hip hop and settled back indie that honestly creates its own “alternative” realm category. His distinct sound shows his creativity and a clear thought process. Songs like Dragon Tales and Lochness Monster, which have in-depth visuals give you a look into his thought process. 

Within TENDAYS music, he projects his emotions in his songs succinctly. He is truly organic and unabashedly himself on each track he puts out. 

For the last 3-4 years, you can see TENDAYS growth from tracks earlier on in his career like, I’m insecure let me be,” which speaks on his body image and peoples outside commentary on him, to a track like “Fishtown” where he could just care less about what you have to say. Despite being incredibly self-aware, TENDAYS is going to do create what’s in his heart.

2019 was a heating up type of year for the artist. 

He dropped two EPS, “BLEAK: A demo project” and “Our cries 4 help.” 

The 4 track EP – “Our cries 4 help” voices more of an emotional side, but has a laid back feel on the tape. Every song on this project begins with ease and causing you to melt into it and say, “it’s over already?”  

 “BLEAK: A demo project” is an 11 song EP, that taps into the explorative side of his vocals over more alternative sounding hip-hop beats. TENDAYS beats are different than anything else you’ll hear in hip-hop, but will still have you nodding your head throughout the tape.  

These projects brought more traction to his name. Eventually leading him to collaborate with Father, who has been notorious for the style and creativity within his music. Father has a reputation for working with up and coming artists in the underground scene. 

Of the moves he made in 2019, perhaps the biggest decision was to leave Miami and move to Philadelphia with his longtime friend and producer Scot. 

“The Philly music scene is up and coming, and there’s a wide variety of artists there, I thought it was the right move. Plus the music scene in Miami is already set, so I felt like I needed to be somewhere new for the next step in my music.” 

TENDAYS told the Philly Plain Dealer

Over this past weekend, TENDAYS was able to be a part of a series of shows that took place in Miami and was finally able to host his own show in the community. 

“The Chafatown Show was a give back to the community. I always said that when I got the opportunity to give back to Miami I would do it through my music. I wanted to create an environment that’s memorable for people, so they won’t forget what I’ve done. It was a mansion show, and over 400 people came out,” TENDAYS explained.

The show was headlined by other artists and producers as well, names like ILY HOOK, CLIP, Father and Meltycanon. All very notable and important in the realm of the underground trap music scene. 

“After this experience, I’m focused on growing in my music and as a person in every way I can for the better of everyone around me and supporters,” he said.

TENDAYS may not be from Philadelphia, but we’re happy to have his voice contributing to the local scene. Expect a big 2022 from TENDAYS, whatever he has in store – Philly will probably be the first to see it.

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