Deal of the Week: Celtic Cross for 2022

“Deal of the Week” is an updated take on the horoscope column. Bad advice, worse poetry, every Monday.

This year, I did a Celtic Cross spread on New Year’s Day for the City of Philadelphia. Here’s a photo of the spread. My poetry interpretation is below. 🙂

Invest in care and with precision of intention. Paying special attention to the people and their will, let it guide the growth and lessen concentrated decision. Making more inclusivity and transparency. Fighting evil and so on.

The women with flaming eyes and teeth will rule this year. Flee from the old world partition of sovereignty and woe, and weave ourselves together in this future. We will expand. We will breathe life into rivers and oceans.

We are in good hands so long as we remain authentic, true to the voices of the oldest youngest and the weak. So long as we walk in fire and count the bundles of green before we cut the stems.

We are a city planted firmly in the earth; our power lies in the hands wrapped around chrome supports and shopping cart handles. Around tools and steering wheels and guitars and crayons and handbags. Count count count before making significant cuts.

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