Philly Song of the Week: “Lasagna” by FirstNameDane

FirstNameDane is a unique hip-hop voice in the Philadelphia scene. In the Summer of 2021 – most Philly hip-hop artists are either experimenting with drill rap, mimicking Lil Uzi Vert, or carving their own lane. FirstNameDane is carving his own lane.

Lasagna is reminiscent of a Ty Dolla $ign track, but with a much stronger rap delivery. The Lasagna music video has the aesthetic of an A$AP Rocky video with a little bit of Odd Future influence.

Keep an eye on FirstNameDane – his music is becoming more complex. Lasagna is a sonically dynamic track, it’s well-produced and professionally layered. It will be interesting to see what the young artist drops next.

If you have submissions for the Philly Song of the Week – please tweet to @PlainPhilly.

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