We Can Do Better For Mental Health Awareness Month

What I’ve said before is we are not as far as we think we are when it comes to normalizing mental health discourse, and what I’m saying now is that the mainstream forms of mental health awareness are illusory, distracting, and may do more harm than good.”

That’s an excerpt from the latest post about Mental Health Awareness Month that appears on the music and mental health project, the only sound. The project was created to give a platform to the way mental health, stigmatized, and underrepresented experiences are processed in music. It’s a breakdown of how the way we understand and talk about our minds and how those ideas radiate through entertainment, politics, and beyond.

Find the project www.theonlysound.com, and read the full post where the excerpt is found here. You can also follow @_theonlysound and me (the project’s founder) @ShealynKilroy on Twitter.

If you have an idea for a post, send an email to shealynkilroy@gmail.com.

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