Philly Song of the Week: “i don’t need your money” by mitamu

Do you like funky beats? Do you enjoy the combination of a subtle disco beat and saxophone? If so, i don’t need your money is the song for you!

cover art for i don’t need your money

This song is reminiscent thematically to Rich Girl by Hall & Oates, but feels more like a Chaka Khan song. In the midst of the pandemic more than 8 artists collaborated to put this nostalgic Asian-inspired pop disco track.

i don’t need your money is featured on mitamu’s album, Philly Pop.

I’ve listened to every song that mitamu has released on Spotify & am incredibly excited to see what they come out with next.

Something I found really inspiring is that on mitamu’s bandcamp page they provided the instrumental to the song i don’t need your money along with the note: I also encourage you to make your own version of ‘i don’t need your money’! Feel free to use the instrumental track in whatever way you want/imagine. I only ask that you credit me and everyone involved. Can’t wait to hear it! Open source music is incredibly cool and not many artists would be that open with their intellectual property! Support mitamu and make an “i don’t need your money” remix!

Support mitamu on bandcamp!

If you have a submission for the Plain Dealer Song of the Week – tweet at @PlainPhilly !

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