“3/4 of the National Guard members deployed to Philly have left town.”

Following three guilty verdicts in the Derek Chauvin trial, the City of Philadelphia was a bustle with joy on a lovely Tuesday evening. Leading up to the Chauvin verdict city leadership asked the State for “back-up,” under the circumstance that Chauvin was deemed not guilty and riots ensued. The Governor obliged to city’s request sending 1,000 members of the PA National Guard into Philly.

Now the trial is done, and there were no riots.

The Plain Dealer asked the City: “Will the National Guard be sent home?”

To which a City spokesperson responded:

“About three-quarters of the National Guard members deployed to Philadelphia have left town. The remaining will be here through the weekend, ready to deploy quickly if conditions warrant.”

Philadelphia City Spokesperson

National Guard members were set to stay in Philadelphia for 90 days, as it stands 250 of 1,000 remain.

A man dressed as a cat playing a violin on a day where 1,000 troops occupied a major city. It’s important to tip performers if you are going to videotape them.

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