Deal of the Week: Three Cards

“Deal of the Week” is an updated take on the horoscope column. Bad advice, worse poetry, every Monday. 

Nine of Cups | The Tower | Eight of Cups

I promise, I shuffle multiple times every single time I pull tarot cards. The fact of the matter is, certain cards (especially the Tower, Death and the Eight of Cups) have been popping up with frequency that is becoming hard to ignore. This week I thought I would do three cards again, especially as many of us are looking for clarity around when life will go back to normal.

The way to safety is through breaking down. Where the human intellect has led us, we forget that our ancestors had patience and that theirs had even more. Yes we are getting closer every day and yes the antidote is near our noses and we are busting our asses to get there and we will and we have but it soon hurts so bad to wake up each morning and face a grim day filled with sacrifice after sacrifice to something we don’t understand. It hurts it hurts the fire burns and acid corrodes and leave their patches sore and open for the healing.

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