Philly Song of the Week: “Tangled” by Ceramic Animal

Philly Song of the Week is back just in time for Doylestown-based rock group Ceramic Animal’s brand new single “Tangled.”

Ceramic Animal was recently signed to Dan Auerbach’s (The Black Keys frontman) record company Easy Eye Sound. Since being signed, the group has released three singles, set to be released on their upcoming fourth album, Sweet Unknown.

If you’re familiar with Ceramic Animal, you’ll notice quickly that their sound has changed since their third album. In a step away from modern psychedelia, the band now leans into a southern twang, with a refined production style. Tangled is driven by acoustic guitar, a southern rock riff, and singer/guitarist Chris Regan’s echoing vocals. Out of the three new singles released so far, Tangled is one I think we’ll be hearing all over the radio.

Listen to Tangled, and the rest of Ceramic Animal’s catalogue on your favorite streaming service.

You can catch Ceramic Animal back in Philly on July 30th, opening up for The Black Keys. Now that the band has a chance to play in front of a huge audience, I think they have the potential to become a household name in the next few years.

Each week, the Philly Plain Dealer highlights an artist in the Philly music scene. If you have a favorite song by a Philadelphia artist, submit it by tweeting to @PlainPhilly.

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