Song of the Week: “Here They Come 76ers.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah…the Sixers suck and got eliminated from the playoffs by the bum ass Atlanta Hawks. Yeah, yeah, yeah… the Sixers most likely blew a once in a decade path to the championship that included a shortened season, no Lebron, no Kawhi, no KD, no Curry.

But that was yesterday, and this is today.

If you’re not used to being disappointed by sports teams, you should properly adjust yourself for future outcomes. Only one team wins the championship every year, and odds are it’s not gonna be the team you like! That being said, I’m well aware of how pathetic and upsetting the Sixers were in the playoffs.

BUT WHAT I’M NOT GOING TO DO IS: Spend the rest of my summer stewing over the fact that I sincerely shoot a basketball better than Ben Simmons. I am NOT going to spend the entire summer angry at Doc Rivers, who has consistently failed in playoffs, except for the championship he won with Boston (which I also hate).

I have control over my own life and will not allow the poor actions of others to linger over my head like a cloud of depression.

The Sixers may not love me, but I still love them. I love Maxey, Matisse, Embiid, Furkan, Dwight Howard, SHIT I even love Ben Simmons. I am cucked by this team and will remain submissive to them until the day that I die.

So… clap your hands everybody for Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers :/

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