Mariner East 2 Leaves 200+ DelCo Residents without Drinking Water for 12 Days.

On May 27, I published an article about the mistreatment of an apartment complex in Delaware County called Glen Riddle Station Apartments at the hands of natural gas giant Energy Transfer.

Long story short, in November of 2020 Energy Transfer (Sunoco’s parent company) was permitted to take land at Glen Riddle Station Apartments using eminent domain to begin construction on the Mariner East 2 pipeline. This process has involved building a massive 40-foot wall just 12 feet from residents homes, drilling at all hours of the night, calls to local police and shaking inside of the apartments.


After five months of fighting with Sunoco – on May 26, the Sunoco crew working on the pipeline damaged a nearby water line causing a leak.

After this water break apartment ownership asked that the water remain off, until tested for contamination, but according to ownership “a Sunoco representative then entered into our building without our authorization and turned the potentially contaminated water on.”

Pennsylvania State Police were called.

On May 27 hundreds of people remained without water to shower, cook or clean—Glen Riddle Station demanded that Sunoco put residents in a hotel or similar accommodations until the issue is resolved. Energy Transfer responded by dropping off “two porta-potties and several bottles of water,” according to ownership.

Nearly two weeks later on June 8, the water remains undrinkable. The water testing process is dragging on, and residents of Glen Riddle Station Apartment are brushing their teeth with bottled water provided by Energy Transfer, while Energy Transfer denies wrongdoing.


At this juncture, Energy Transfer is denying any fault. Below is a letter that Energy Transfer sent out to residents of Glen Riddle Station Apartments where they claim that the water was only truly off for four hours and that residents should not be weary of the water.

Management of Glen Riddle Station Apartments released a statement to their residents disputing this claim, the very next day and warning residents not to drink their tap water.

At this time, the story is still developing and residents of Glen Riddle Station Apartments remain stuck at the center of a pipeline nightmare. All of this is happening just 20 minutes from South Philly.

If you’re interested in learning more – please read my full story with Grid Magazine:

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