Philly Song of the Week: “Losing Me” by Seem SOS ft. G12 Zah

This week’s Philly Song of the Week is “Losing Me” by Seem SOS ft. G12 Zah. 

Seem SOS first came under my radar because him and his friends used to hang out in front of my apartment. Seem is a South Philly based rapper, if you watch his videos – they highlight Point Breeze and Point Breeze Ave. heavily. Specifically, if you watch Seem SOS’s music video for the song “Passion,” you can see my PT Cruiser around the :36 second mark. 

Seem is one of a number of talented young rappers coming out of Philadelphia. His new single “Losing Me” is noteworthy because it shows a tremendous amount of growth in his sound. 

“Losing Me” sounds like a radio hit, whereas most of the songs coming out of Philly don’t have that mainstream appeal. Seem SOS raps similar to Roddy Rich, in his use of melodic singing and auto-tune. This song is reminiscent of “ROCKSTAR” by DaBaby & Roddy Rich. 

This was my first introduction to G12 Zah, but he bodied his verse too. Upon researching G12 Zah is a fairly active Philly rapper himself. Excited to watch the young stars shine.

Stream “Losing Me” on Spotify or watch the official video.

If you have any suggestions for next week’s Song of the Week – Tweet at @PlainPhilly.

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