Philly Song of the Week: “Caught Up” by Unjustified ft. Diverse Character

This week’s Philly Song of the Week is “Caught Up” by Unjustified ft. Diverse Character. Caught Up is the third song on Unjustified’s 2020 EP Late Night Drug Urges, Pt. 2. 

There are a few varieties of rap music coming out of Philly right now – either you’re a SimXSantana / D4M Sloan-style trap rapper, or you lean more towards a Lil Uzi Vert-style melodic flow. Unjustified certainly comes from the latter, his use of auto-tune and singing along with rapping is reminiscent of the style that emerged in the late 2010’s. 

Caught Up is just a fun song, can’t say much more about it. It’s one of a few local songs I can slip on at a party and everyone thinks it’s a famous hit. The beat is haunting, yet soft, Unjustified accomplished a really unique sound on this track. Excited to see where Unjustified can go from here

Listen to Unjustified here:

Watch Unjustified’s new music video “Learn a Lesson.”

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