Philly Song of the Week “Like Me (feat Elijah Bank$y)” by ZekeUltra

On From Time, ZekeUltra takes a psychedelic and minimalist approach to The Slow Jam™. “Like Me (feat Elijah Bank$y)” is one of its more energetic high points, but stays true to the overall easygoing vibe. Still, it builds up optimism with up with syrupy string samples and minimal percussion that crescendos throughout.

The subject matter also stays true to ZekeUltra’s overall vision; it’s an invocation of success and a testament to hustle that doesn’t take itself too seriously. When he raps “I don’t eat pork and I barely eat meat/ But it’s important I stay around cheese,” you kind of get the idea.

This is one of those songs that I almost wish came at the end of the record because it feels like the gooey outro for a coming-of-age movie. Seriously, listen to this and tell me you can’t see yourself just driving off into the sunset, windows down, radio cranked.

Listen or buy the tune on Bandcamp.

If you have suggestions for the Philly Plain Dealer song of the week, tweet at @PlainPhilly.

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