Song of the Week: BLOCK BENDA by D4M $loan

This song will make you want to punch a motherfucker in the mouth. Deadass, this song was made to commit felonies to. Drill rap is sweeping the streets of South Philadelphia and D4M $loan is making the genre his own.

BLOCK BENDA by D4M $loan

D4M $loan is one half of the rap group Sloan x Skiano, unfortunately Aamir Johnson Daye, aka D4M Skiano was murdered in the Summer of 2020. Following that tragedy, Sloan has received a wave of support from those sympathetic to his loss; in many ways BLOCK BENDA is his bounce back track.

This song is primarily featured on YouTube, but cannot be found on Spotify or Apple Music. However, on YouTube this song has more than 300,000 views in just over three months.

BLOCK BENDA is a song about shooting people. BLOCK BENDA is an extremely accurate representation of Philly’s rap scene and the dangers of being a young Black person in Philadelphia. In 2020, Philly had 499 homicide victims; 2021 is on pace to hit 500.

Drill rap is not to blame for gun violence. Art is a reflection of what artists are living through. In Philly, people are living through a pandemic, a broken economic system, and a massive uptick in gun violence. The system has failed a segment of society making gunplay appear to be a more attractive option than participating in the norms of society.

If you’re interested in being the Philly Song of the Week, tweet at us at @PlainPhilly.

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